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Surprise laughing baby

Meet the Baby Buppies! Adorable babies that love to eat, play, sleep and LAUGH! Inside each bottle you will find a Baby Buppies surprise! Play with them, take care of them and listen to their funny noises and contagious laughter! There 24 different babies and each one comes with a care guide and a birth certificate, collect them all!

Baby buppies rocking cradle

Discover the Baby Buppies! Inside each bottle you will find an adorable baby, a teddy bear to play with, the cradle and 3 surprise accessories! Follow the care guide and fill out your birth certificate. Make your Baby Buppies laugh! The more you swing them, the more the will crack-up laughing! Each baby is unique and there 14 to collect, they are contagiously fun!

Open the new Baby Buppies Portable Playhouse to discover a mini world of baby fun and lots of laughter! Inside you will find a super cute baby who you will want to play with all day. Listen to the funny sounds they make when they eat, drink and go the toilet. Comb your babies hair, give them a bath and put them to sleep. And take the portable house with you!

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